Our Maths Curriculum

At Knowles, we aim to develop motivated, creative and resilient mathematicians who can confidently apply what they have learnt. Our maths curriculum from EYFS – Year 6, is well sequenced and progressive, building towards ambitious curriculum goals.

Our maths curriculum is mapped from EYFS – Year 6 meeting the aims of the Early Years Framework and National Curriculum. Our small steps pathway is informed by White Rose scheme of learning, a high quality, expertly written resource.. Content is regularly reviewed to enable children to develop confidence and competence in maths. Written methods are taught alongside practical ones and we use models and images together with concrete equipment to support our teaching. Additional daily maths retrieval and mental fluency sessions ensure that we recap the learning content regularly to keep the learning warm. Opportunities for problem solving and reasoning are woven throughout our curriculum allowing children a variety of contexts to apply their fluency in.

Our curriculum offer is enhanced by additional rich and engaging opportunities for all children including; after school clubs, local and national competitions, whole school events and enrichment opportunities such as STEM, enterprise and fundraising. Our Key Stage 2 maths leaders champion maths and support children around the school.