Our Geography Curriculum

At Knowles Primary School, we value Geography as a practical and engaging subject which motivates and inspires our children with  a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. We aim to equip children with knowledge about people, resources, natural and human environments, in and around our local area of Bletchley. We also aim to inspire and inform children with knowledge about diverse places around England, The United Kingdom and The World, in ways that are meaningful and relevant to them.

Our curriculum offer in Geography is well sequenced and meets the aims of the National Curriculum and we use Rising Stars Geography to support our ambitious offer and to ensure that high quality Geography lessons are taught from Year 1 – Year 6 with strong links to Understanding the World in EYFS.

Our Geography lessons are blocked to ensure children are fully immersed in three engaging Geography units each year which are enriched with local visits, virtual reality experiences such as our Virtual Reality Volcanoes and Rainforests experiences, visitors and fieldwork.  

Children leave Knowles Primary School with the geographical knowledge, understanding and skills that allows them to explain how the Earth’s features, people and communities, both in the local area and places further away from Milton Keynes, are shaped, interconnected and changed over time.

Our Geography Leader is Mrs Rockmorton