Our Curriculum Intent

At Knowles Primary School, our children learn through an ambitious, inclusive, engaging curriculum led by our team of knowledgeable and passionate staff. All children enjoy and have access to a wealth of resources and experiences to enrich their lives, make memories and foster a life-long love of learning that equips them with the skills and attributes which will allow them to flourish both in school and beyond. Each child is encouraged to reach their full potential both academically and personally in our happy, safe and stimulating environment.

Our knowledge rich curriculum is well sequenced, progressive and ambitious. It sparks children’s curiosity and encourages them to develop new skills. It also provides children with exciting educational opportunities that develops them not only as pupils but as adults in later life. Our curriculum offer is both broad and balanced and also equips our teachers with the knowledge and resources needed to enable children to achieve their best and beyond.

Knowledge and skills is well sequenced and progressive, building on previous learning to ensure that children have comprehensive subject schemas. Knowledge and skills is mapped on medium term plans and builds throughout the year to clearly defined end goals.

Our curriculum offer is enhanced by our dedicated teaching spaces for the subjects of: art, music, science and design technology housed in our Evergreens Building. These classrooms are fully resourced to support our ambitious curriculum and provide children and teachers with the space to explore, create and be immersed in our subject specific experiences.

Our curriculum has deliberately been blocked into individual subjects.  We took this decision to reduce children’s cognitive load during the week; promote further excitement and engagement in the subject; enable children and staff to fully dedicate themselves to one area of learning for the week; to ensure that learning is explicit and clearly defined and to motivate all children to find success and achieve an end goal.

Our curriculum is supported by well researched curriculum resources such as Kapow and Rising Stars, these ensure that the knowledge provided to our teachers and children in our curriculum is ambitious, engaging, rich in cultural capital, well sequenced and well resourced.

Our curriculum ensures that all children are equipped with the essential knowledge, skills and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. Our curriculum is ambitious and aims to inspire, engage and encourage children to wonder about their own possibilities; whether that is through studying a rich variety of the world’s greatest artists, scientists or through our weekly music lessons which take inspiration from some of the world’s most iconic pieces of music.

We put children at the centre of everything we do here at Knowles Primary School, upholding the strong belief that personal development and academic success is something that goes hand in hand. Our curriculum is driven by the communities and backgrounds that make up our school and as a result, make Knowles Primary School special.

Trips, visits and visitors enhance and enrich our curriculum and all children are able to access a wide variety throughout their school careers at Knowles. ‘Big Hearts’ and ‘Big Dreams’ experiences are planned for each year group to support childrens’ personal development and fulfill our curriculum intent.

We believe that all children should have a fair opportunity to be able to find and develop their talents and passions and our broad and balanced curriculum enables all children to find success. Our curriculum ensures that children have a good understanding of their local and global citizenship and develops their social, emotional and moral needs as well as meeting National Curriculum expectations.

Our shared values encourage our community to think about the kind of people we aspire to be and the education we aspire to. It supports our children to learn about human diversity and instil in them the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to live together.

Weekly, dedicated enrichment hours are timetabled to ensure that all children benefit from our curriculum enrichment offer within the school day. This provides them with the opportunity to develop skills beyond the ones they would traditionally learn in the classroom. Our teachers offer access to clubs such as musical theatre, yoga, batik, gardening, keyboard, ukulele, chess, sewing and more. Children are able to follow their own passions by choosing from the rich variety of enrichment sessions on offer to develop beyond the classroom.

Our Curriculum Implementation

Our high quality plans and resources empower teachers with the subject knowledge they need to feel confident teaching new learning and support teachers’ workload and wellbeing, allowing them to focus more time on their personal pedagogy.

Teachers explicitly teach metacognition in each lesson. They check for children’s prerequisite knowledge and challenge misconceptions at the start. Teachers then encourage children to think about how they can use and apply their existing knowledge and skills to help them be successful in the lesson. Teachers model expert practice before children work independently. At the end of each lesson teachers encourage children to reflect on what they have learned in the session, how it will impact future learning and, would they have approached the task differently.

Retrieval practice is embedded within our curriculum efficiency pathway and into the start of every lesson, enabling children to make links to prior learning, find success through understanding what they already know and how it will help them in the present and ensure that no child is left behind either through mobility or following absences from school.

Individual teachers benefit from coaching, mentoring, networking and CPD to further develop their expertise and support their teaching.

Teacher assessments identify where children are achieving well and how children are progressing through the curriculum from their starting points. Teachers address any gaps by ensuring children receive manageable individual targets where appropriate.

Floorbooks capture children’s personal class learning journeys, their interests, their learning from awareness weeks, their questions, their learning in PSHE, their shared experiences, their work surrounding values, celebrations of trips, visits, visitors and experiences, their personal successes, their voices and their shared identity as a class.

Our Curriculum Impact

Senior leaders work alongside team and subject leaders to measure the impact of our curriculum through a continuous cycle of monitoring. This includes; book looks, lesson visits, learning walks, pupil conversations, teacher conversations, pupil progress meetings, moderation and our teacher assessment which identifies children’s personal targets.

The impact of our curriculum is monitored daily through retrieval practice, ensuring key knowledge is recalled often and applied to different contexts. At the end of each year children also take part in a ‘big quiz of the year’ assessing if they have retained the key knowledge for each subject and supporting future teachers to understand children’s starting points.

Children leave Knowles Primary School having met their potential, gained new knowledge, learnt skills for success in future life and have a strong sense of their own achievements, talents and abilities. Children will understand their moral responsibilities to themselves and others and the lasting place they have in our community.

In the Academic Year 2021-2022 all children at Knowles achieved above National outcomes:

Pupil’s achieve well in Phonics Screening:

The proportion of pupils meeting the phonics expected standard (32+) In Year 1 96% was significantly above national and in the highest 20% of all schools in 2022. (IDSR) (National 2022 results: 75%)


Children achieve well in reading:

July 2022 Key Stage 2 reading SATs results: 86% (National 2022 results: 74%)
Key Stage 2 progress in reading (4.3) was significantly above national and in the highest 20% in 2022 (IDSR)

July 2022 Key Stage 2 Maths SATs results: 89% was significantly above national and in the highest 20% in 2022 (National 2022 results: 71%)
Key Stage 2 progress in mathematics (4.7) was significantly above national and in the highest 20% in 2022 (IDSR)


Key Stage 2 attainment of the expected standard in Writing 83% was significantly above national and in the highest 20% in 2022 (National 2022 results: 69%)
Key Stage 2 progress in writing (4.3) was significantly above national and in the highest 20% in 2022 (IDSR)

Early Years

Children achieve well at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage:

June 2022 Good Level of Development: 84%