Our DT Curriculum

At Knowles Primary School, we value Design and Technology as a practical, inspiring and engaging subject. Using creativity and imagination, pupils design, make and evaluate products that meet design criteria, considering their own and others’ needs, expectations, wants and values. Cooking and nutrition are an important part of our DT curriculum and learning how to prepare food and understand a healthy balanced diet gives children a crucial life skill.

Our ambitious DT curriculum meets and exceeds the expectations of the National Curriculum and is sequenced through from EYFS to Year 6. Our pupils enjoy access to our two well equipped DT rooms with a suite of sewing machines, woodworking tools, electrical components, resources for structures and mechanisms and a creation station. 

Children have further opportunity to engage in DT through after school clubs and our Enrichment sessions. Children in Years 5 and 6 also have the opportunity to undertake their Arts Award Explore and gain a qualification in the arts, with one group focusing on designing, making and textiles in our machine sewing suite. 

Children leave Knowles with extensive practical skills that can be applied to real world problems, with an enhanced understanding of the place of design technology in our world.

Our DT Leader is Miss Clarke