School Meals

School Meals

Children have the choice of bringing a packed lunch, or having a hot school dinner.

An external catering company provides hot meals daily on site and these must be chosen and paid for in advance at a cost of £2.20. There is a choice of hot meal with a vegetarian and jacket potato option always available. Current prices and menus are available from the school office. The Local Authority provides a free school meal for those children whose families qualify for the benefit. Application forms are available from the School.  You can download copies of the order forms using the links below.

Parents of children who bringing in a packed lunch are asked to ensure that the food and drink provided is healthy and nutritious. For example: a sandwich or salad, a piece of fruit, cut vegetables and water or juice. Please note fizzy drinks, chocolate bars and sweets are not allowed in School. We have no provision for cleaning teeth.


Following recent Government guidelines we have made changes to the offer we make to children from Year 3 – 6 at break time. Foundation and KS1 children will continue to receive free fruit and veg from the Government.

As part of our current offer, we will offer fruit and veg only.  We are buying in from a local supermarket and offering the children the items at a price worked out from the shopping bill.

So, typically 15p will buy your child an apple, or 3 carrots, or a small scoop of raisins, or a banana, or a satsuma.   We will take advantage of special offers, where we can, and try to buy seasonal fruit and veg.

As guidelines for parents sending in their children with a snack, we would recommend a fruit or veg only option.  We do not offer opportunities for the children to clean their teeth so this is the only healthy recommendation we can make.  From our point of view, the more children opting for the recommended healthy option the better – all children will have similar experiences.

Milk Offer

The government require us to offer free milk to all those children eligible for Free School Meals, throughout school.

Offering only those children milk seems, to us, a divisive action – the organisation of the offer could lead to children feeling they were being ‘picked out’.  Therefore, we are offering milk to all children (or a milk substitute).

Our school is offering milk at break time – either before or after, as it fits in with lessons.

Water is still an option in school.

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